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  • why did you call n and a productions he is the worst who else hates him like

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  • اين أنتم يا عرب

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  • The driver had no expressions😂

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  • Pause at 11:44 thank me later

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  • ليش تتكلم انقليزي

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  • ATTENTION !! This idea is taken from dude perfect

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  • You are now not interested because you are not upload a car videos

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  • Mo can u start making vlogs like u used to make a few years ago

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  • مو نزلنة مقلب قوي بقناتك عربي

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  • I hope everyone in these videos are regularly getting tested since no one wears a mask or wears one properly

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  • It must be winter in Dubai

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  • Why are you wearing a mask How about it's a pandemic 😂😂

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  • fat is everywhere in lanas body..keep workout

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  • Lana blink twice if you're being held hostage

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  • Bet the Pakistani construction worker probably reconsidering all his life choices leaving his family back in the motherland just to help these morons prank each other for MRworlds

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  • Dude needs to stop abusing his sister for views.

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  • 10:08 thank me later

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  • Mo why are punishing lana so hard this is just unfair I don't want to see her like this stop behaveing rude

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  • Driver is Pakistani

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  • جميع العرب وينكم 👈🏻

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  • Suggestion for what to do next: Take Lana to the beach and get her to model swim wear ...

  • Normal people have white plastic glasses , Rich people have purple plastic glasses .

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  • Start doing good content videos as you used to make before

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  • mrworlds.info/chart/vhi-i/tGWAoM-iqmuug4o. Lanaa plays game for a while.... 😍😍😍hot

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  • Pay loader driver might be thinking such kind of people also exists in this world 😂😂😂😂😂

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  • Awesome Challenges Please make more challenges video with your every friend .

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  • Lana you look freaking ridiculous girl you need to do something about your hair and the way you dress

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