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Thank you to my friend anasala :
Dubai baby reveal on the burj khalifa !!! Worlds biggest baby reveal !!
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Worlds biggest baby reveal on burj khalifa !!

  • Narin cheated on Mo and dropped him 3 months ago for Ghaith. Since then, there is no contact between them and Narin is currently dating Ghaith. This is what recently happened between them

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  • when lana pregnant

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  • شكلي انا العربيه الي هنا💔🙂

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  • Narin cheated on Mo and dropped him 3 months ago for the clown Ghaith. Since then there is no contact between them and Narin is currently dating Ghaith. This is what probably happened between them

    Narins Beauty what's behindNarins Beauty what's behind9 दिवसांपूर्वी
  • Narin left Mo for Ghaith 2 months ago. Watch what happened between Narin, Mo and Ghaith

    Narins Beauty what's behindNarins Beauty what's behind22 दिवसांपूर्वी
    • @C6 Vette عربي

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    • She’s a gold digger

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  • ماكو عربي

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  • انا مش فاهمة غير girl وboy بنت و ولد

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  • Cute baby ❤ nice video man

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  • This is the most retarded thing consoomer culture have come up with so far

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  • Very bad 100000000 dislikes, how much money they spend for this? it's unnecessary, how many people are suffering at this moment,

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    • They didn't spend any thingg It was a business with Dubai to get more Tourists !!! This didn't coast any dollar!!!

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  • Gyes..... the tower video in the channel of the family ansala has been added to it english subtitles 😁 go and watch it now The link is on the Description box of Mo's video

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  • Gyes..... the tower video in the channel of the family ansala has been added to it english subtitles 😁 go and watch it now The link is on the Description box of Mo's video

    SH BahjSH Bahjमहिन्यापूर्वी
  • Gyes..... the tower video in the channel of the family ansala has been added to it english subtitles 😁 go and watch it now The link is on the Description box of Mo's video

    SH BahjSH Bahjमहिन्यापूर्वी
  • Gyes..... the tower video in the channel of the family ansala has been added to it english subtitles 😁 go and watch it now The link is on the Description box of Mo's video

    SH BahjSH Bahjमहिन्यापूर्वी
  • . by LJ

  • Lol

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  • I saw this in the news

  • hahahahah someone said ‘what did you do exaclty’

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  • broo love your work keep it up

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  • 0:19 you can legit see the blue on the burj khalifa behind them

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  • 7:23 😂😂🤣

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  • i mean i was hoping for a cat but no u had to take another kid poop... I H A T E B A B Y S but cats.... Y E S

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  • lanaaaaaaaa . be my wife !!!!!!

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  • "Enter" "Done" Reasons: Anything you will give will be awesome and so dear to me. I have 2 reasons .. 1 For my mom as a gift as she recovered or for my sister bec she just got graduated recently so wanna surprise her too. I really hope i win something . And my favorite part is when your mom opened door for you and she was wearing a crown she so cute. Sometimes i feel cry because she is so damn innocent and such a good mom. And im so happy to see you guys i love your vlogs so much like a crazy you won't believe last night i have been watching your vlogs all night your previous vlogs and i really like them and congrats you on your great success may god keep you safe from evil people and evil eyes ma shaa Allah. @movlogs #movlogs

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  • Are you an Arab Mo?

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  • Norine wants to make everything about her

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  • Wow worlds biggest gender reveal

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  • Love your video from the bottom of my ❤️. Plz give away to me i live in india. As in this quratine period online classes are going on and i am not having laptop to attend online class i want to study hard..

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  • 9:02 the moment of truth

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  • طول ما احنا سوا !!! Background music

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  • Wtf is wrong with u lmao , what's "world's biggest gender reveal " 😂🤦

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  • Even thought this was emotional But I think it’s a bit useless and a waste of momey I heard they payed thousands and thousands of Dirhams just to have 1 minute of screen time at the Burj Khalifa

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    • No they didn't pay was a gift from dubai and eemar company to anasala family

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  • OMG I've just realised that I've seen eleen after a long long time ❤️😭

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  • Why narin looks like more plastic these days

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    • Yeah so true

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  • Com certeza foi um dos chá revelção mais incrível do mundo, que mente sobrehumana a que teve essa idéia. Parabens aos pais e para os idealizadores desse super evento histórico.

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  • Abandoned Palace (Secrets of Sakakini Palace)

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  • مناشدة إنسانية..... السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته.. اما بعد ... ارجو منكم مساعدتي وتعطفون عليه حتى وإن لم تستطيع انت فأرجو منك تعميم الخبر بمساعدتي بإيصال صوتي للمعنيين إلى شيخ او فاعل خير او منظمه إنسانية او صدقه جاريه فأنا تعبت وحاليا النفسية والمادية بدأت بالظهور وأنا صاحب عائله مكونه من أطفال وزوجه ولا اقدر ع توفير الاحتياجات لهم فليس لدي ما املك فإن استطعت أن تعطيني اي احد من اهل البلد الخيرين بالتبرع لي فنحن عرب ونتعاون بيننا ف والله ليس لدي المال لتوفير احتياجات عائلتي دمعه الرجل غاليه وليست من عادتي مد يدي لكن العوز والجوع جعلني افعل ذالك ف اترجاك فضلا وليس أمر بمساعدة اخوكم بإيصال صوتي ومساعدتي.. ل شيخ او رئيس او منظمه إنسانية او فاعل خير او يونيسيف او الصليب الأحمر وجزاكم الله خير الجزاء رقم 009647703882739

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  • Mo له قناة أجنبية أنا استغربت ومشتركين كثر جداً 9 مليون ونصف إن شاء الله يصل ل 1000000 مليون مشترك.

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