Taking Delivery of the 2020 Corvette !!!

12 डिसेंबर, 2020
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  • I love the fact that they are amazed by the power of the car while its still in break-in mode (only 1/3 of the power unlocked) 💪😂

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  • Nice brother god bless you 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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  • Is This a yacht?? Seriousely

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  • Lana was missd❤️

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  • Lana had to diet she is being fatt asss day by day

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  • Damn Lana getting THIIIICK

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  • Stradman maybe ??? STRADMAN INTRO!!!!

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  • 11:00

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  • Why she put her pants ON TOP HER STOMACH........!!!!!!:(

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  • Me encanta 🤩

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  • Au plus Lana s arrondi au plus elle est belle

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  • HI.....TM

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  • Can you do a video on PAGÀNI If possible

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  • Dumb dumb it’s a 2020 corvette c8 and it’s a mid engine meaning the engine is right in the back but it also have 495 hp not just a corvette

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    • Also you should see the 2020 Shelby gt500 track pack my g

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  • انتي الكورفت يالبسه الجنز😘

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  • Lanaaa my love

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  • Love you lan your looking like maignat

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  • Hey bro how to skip 10 of my online video videos because you know I did that you like please give me a car like a lambo or a Ferrari or a Royce Royce or a normal car

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  • 6:34 good moment to pause.

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  • Ok where is yr tesla

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  • We can see your sister bra

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  • Stop saying "Yes Sir", its irritating

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  • Lana like u so much🥺🥺

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  • seat balt 🙄

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  • Sister is so

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  • Привет всем из Сочи вы делаете крутые вещи

  • It's amazing car

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  • amazing car

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  • Uff Lana😋😋

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  • What happen to your sister?

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  • I just saw amount us car.... Dats 😎 cool

  • After one year I saw your vlog and I am so much surprise, guess what?

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  • What happened to Lana’s rear end.... it’s huge.

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  • Imagine using ur sister for VIEW

  • My 8lakhs car can be switched on using buttons on car key. Wtf is so crazy about it. I mean common 😑😑😑

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  • This man is getting alwys a new subs slowly......

  • How did she gain so much weight in 1 year?

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    • @Dionyxuzzz she was curvy back then though. But it's all a matter of personal opinion.

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    • @Cheryl Medeiros yeah. Tbh a year or 2 ago she was a stick figure and now she really blew up

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    • @Dionyxuzzz if you like thicc women. She is a very pretty woman but when she was thinner her T and A looked better. It's just really shocking to me.

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    • @Cheryl Medeiros I would be shocked too 😂. But she still looks kinda good now don't you think

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    • @Dionyxuzzz she was pretty hot before. I haven't been watching their videos so I was shocked to see her like this.

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  • A normal seatbelt would be like 9:15 .. but moe decides to increase his views and be like: Yo sis put the seat belt in between your boobs ... and a moment after 9:15 there is a cut and see where the seatbelt is put!!!!!

  • I stopped watching Mo Vlogs for 2 years and damn Lana thick af 👌🏽

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    • And so is dessert (Lana) 😍

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    • Maybe the food in Dubai is too good

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  • What happen to your sister , she looks different

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    • She gained A LOT of weight

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  • Are they Muslim?🧐🧐🧐

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  • Nice mo

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  • Kick S1 out. He is a leech!

  • 7:01 yes there are so many buttons but I want to press only one❤️🤩 👇🏻If you get it

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  • It only costs under 50 lakhs in India. It is underrated 💯. Binod

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  • Indians always simping Mo hard in the comments.. looking for some cheap tablet giveaway

  • Bruh. Your sister is effing thickity thiccc.

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