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  • Oo mm gg how huge the pyramid is

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  • Day By day lana is looking so pretty...... Otherhand, her facial expressions losing funny actions .....otherwise she looks so beautifull....

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  • www.guinnessworldrecords.com/world-records/95209-largest-coin-pyramid Mo look at this, there is already a world record.

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  • I love your dedication for a video, love from India❤

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  • This dude about to be 40 and still acting like a kid.

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  • I feel like this is why everywhere I go in UAE they ask if I have 3 dirham when the change is only 2...lol

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  • btw, the pyramid was only 1,496 coins. In other words you only used 5.98% of the 25 thousand coins to make that pyramid. Much love to you Mo but you didnt use all 25 thousand coins lol. The pyramid would have been much bigger. Anyways still a lot of respect to you and your family for staying up all night working on it !!

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  • I think all of the individuals that are just putting negative things should just quite that and yes maybe everything that he has is because of our support but at last it's also because of his hard work. And my personal opinion to Mo is that his a humble man, and would do anything for his family which I greatly admire!!!!! Keep up the good work Mo😎

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  • Amazing piece of work. Congratulates the whole team to make this magnificant structue. Salutes for your pession and dedication. Best of luck.

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  • HELLO sir, I Live in India. I would like to do video editing for ur vlogs. I would love to work with you with great pleasure. Thank you so much

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  • Lol that is pretty cool! Egypt has nothing on mo.

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