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  • like having garbage on your wrist. it was free. you didn't pay. loss of all credibility.

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  • Eid mubarak

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  • hi mo i subscribed and i want to win because i love you

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  • In 10.13 you say if moba. You dont say if Mubarak

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  • One day Dubai Will be a hindu rastro,ganpati papa muruya.

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  • Hi

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  • You wana give me on watch.

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  • Bruh us Iranians eat lambs tongue in the morning mostly

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  • God has blessed u with lots of love and wealth bro plz do donate some of ur account for those who even does not get to eat one meal a day...

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  • You are the best bro and real funy guy

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  • Is it the Lamborghini Aventador S or roster

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  • Hi bro

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  • If I get the money I will help the poor people those who do not get food to eat.

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  • What is ur religion?

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  • Gift me a superbike 🔥

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  • Your so funny , i love it , and you have a good family, God Bless You All🌹❤️🙏🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

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  • I just saw your video and liked it immediately. I hope you continue to succeed, bro💪✌✌

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  • 6000 , they said wow that’s actually good , cheap

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  • realy very happy to seee the Allah locket love you gys because you love Allaha lmighty

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  • Love you guys from Hyderabad

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  • I pray all the living things to have happy family like yours ❤️

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  • comment how much wow they said

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  • Why is this video in producer Michael's playlist 🤔

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  • We love you

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  • I love your vlogs

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  • this is the vlog i like the most,islam is beautiful

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  • Love you bro!!!

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  • bro a sheep gives wool but a lamb does not

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  • Our family is very poor we live in India can u give me place bro I am following u from 3 years place bro

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  • eid mubaarak

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  • Eeew ship for eat how bad!!! Eat only chicken and last goat

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  • Allah isn’t god in English it’s the name of god idiot

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  • eid mubrak

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  • I love your sister.. N so much. She looks very pretty always n my dream girl.

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  • I don’t think the even know the significance of why we eat lamb on eid.....May Allah guide them

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  • 😍😍Masha Allah

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  • Hello mo

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  • Yaar mera pass toh Maruti bhi nahi hai

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  • Your vlogs are always amazing

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  • Respect bruh!!

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  • Hi

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  • Great 👍

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  • I feel so happy for your family, the family have been blessed. Your channel is very interesting. Everytime I use to watch Mo Vlog with pressing like button. 😊😊😊

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  • There are 2Lamb in this vlog, first the Lamb (baby sheep) then the Lamb(orghini)

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  • TQ uto🤗🤗

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  • Life is full of fun n circus

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  • its better to visit some countries and do some thing you are rich people then why dont you helps the indian labours who were facing problems in dubai

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  • They both have so much fun they should do some good things for people There are a lot of people who can't eat properly like time I want this they will improve further and help people

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  • I am seeing you are all video

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  • What has happened to this channel man such shit

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  • Alhamdulillah :)

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  • Very nice God bless all. 🧸🧸

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  • You have a boyfriend/husband bro that's the wrong question... Do you have money is the right question...

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  • Video superb travel video lots and lots of great shots keep up with good work also I have created this type of video you can see

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  • After watching this video whoever went to Google to search "HOW MUCH IS 100$ IN INDIAN RUPEE"?

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    • 7500... Roughly

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  • Eid mubarak

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