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So my Friend Saygin aka the 'Billionaire' Bought a lambo :
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  • Narin left Mo for Ghaith 2 months ago. Watch what happened between Narin, Mo and Ghaith she doesn't care about Mo anymore, no interaction since November Give her a message on her YT channel

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  • The funny thing is last year saygin said he is going to avoid luxury stuff one year later mo I bought a lamborghini Me:😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

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  • 😍

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  • Its dubai baby ❤

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  • nice video

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  • Nice car

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  • Love your video from the bottom of my ❤️. Plz give away to me i live in india. As in this quratine period online classes are going on and i am not having laptop to attend online class i want to study hard..

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  • I need Taps 🙏🙏🙏❤️😍

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  • Gift me a superbike 👀

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  • I am one of your biggest fan Love you keep it up

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  • Glasses used by saigen

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  • The interior of this colour is just so wow what is he caught up on 😂😂

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  • Habibi fucewertoo

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  • i drove lamborghini avendator in Need for speed heat

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  • go and wrap it matte black

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  • I am a big fan of yours I’m leaving Abu Dhabi from Sri Lanka 🇱🇰

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  • Respectfully Noreen is the most annoying person on mobile do me a mature always enjoy herself she doesn't add anything to any of the videos only reason she's there is cuz most got a a crush on her otherwise she's got a personality of a 10 year old

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  • Yo I wanne see the car collection

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  • We notified him 👼 😇 that he was (technically) orphaned”

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  • SAYGIN YALCHIN: May 14, 1985 (age 35 years), Bremen, Germany

  • Why lana become more fatty 😅😅

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  • I love your vlogs

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  • He only used the word billioner like 3000 thousand times lol ...views man

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  • tiffany blue cars? My kind of color. Can I copy that when I get my AMG Brabus G63

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  • Yala yolo mo

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  • 7:20 There's no way Saygin just make a duckface.

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  • My business is cars.... i did not know! My godddddddd

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  • Everyone in Dubai is rich as f**k. Doesn’t hurt that this guy has 9.6 million subscribers too. I bet a lot of those are cause this guys sister is hot af

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  • Nissan GTR-R35 Review by Mohammed

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  • Beauty of pakistan

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  • I still remember the day that saygin said he will leave all the luxury and i was kinna inspired

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  • 2020 has been hard as we know..but to be happy is the thing....can i be happy its all in your hand ...not more 500 subs can change it..#nepfactdaju

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  • Hai.... Everyone... I love watching ur video.... My city name is Siliguri northbengal India. Ur welcome in my city and my home..... Good luck to you. R u get friendship with me??? I'm from Siliguri.. I'm very friendly person.... Reshmi saha Siliguri northbengal India

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